Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Accessorize For Spring

Springtime for me means out with the old, in with the new!
We're in the process of purging the entire house for things we haven't used and aren't going to use.  It's amazing the useless things you can accumulate in just a year!  We wind up filling at least 10 bags of STUFF...everything from clothes to lamp shades.  Luckily, we have tons of local fundraising charities just dying to take our leftovers.

So, once you get rid of the old, what do you have???
(just a few new things, at least)

Here are a few things on my NEW wish list...

On the top of the list, a pair of these adorable Ballet flats from TOMS
Some Nautical fun! I can check this little number off my list...already nabbed one!

These would fancy up even the simplest dress...from Stella & Dot. And there isn't a better S&D Rep than, Beth Pensebene!!!

A little sparkle!!!

Some beach sassy!

...and last but not least a comfy Go-To Outfit.

What's on YOUR Spring Wish List?