Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Friend :: Vanessa Cavaco

I vaguely remember reading a witty comment about a Kuerig Machine while blog-hopping years ago.  I think that's the first time I met Vanessa :)   From there, it led me to check out her shop(s) ...the girl has a couple!

Vanessa is a gal with a lot of pizzazz!  The kind you'd expect from a chic New Yorker!  She reminds me a lot of the family I've still got on the Island ~ savy & classy with a major "funny bone"!  And I think it's quite evident in the work she's done.

Let's start with the Classy Sophisticated side of Vanessa ::
Blue Sugar Press is where you'll find Vanessa's beautifully elegant paper line.  Ideal for everything from Weddings to Birthdays...
even Print Your Own items.
Take a peek ~ stunning, I know!
{THIS is one of MY favs}

or how about those printables?!

.  .  .

NOW, for the "FUNNY BONE" I was telling you about...
AND "the lil' Devil inside us all" as she so cleverly puts it!

Well, we'll let YOU check out NASTEE NOTES for yourself.
(We've got some virgin eyes reading this blog but I don't want YOU to miss out on these, they're just too good!)

Here's one of her tamer designs :)

Be sure to stop back for our Meet & Greet featuring
Vanessa Cavaco herself on Monday!