Monday, January 24, 2011

Guest Blogger :: Patti Wunder

So, like I promised...our very first Guest Blogger.
Meet Patti!

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Hello Bushel & Peck Paper fans! My name is Patti Wunder. I’m usually found over at my blog, “Easton Place Designs”, but today I’m hanging out here! Jaimee and I have gotten to know each other through our mutual love for the hand written note and other paper lovelies. When Jaimee kindly asked if I’d be interested in sharing a little something with you, her lovely readers, I jumped at the chance! I love the opportunity to meet new people, don’t you?

Since you probably don’t know much about me I’ll give you a little background 4-1-1.
Covered that already (Patti)
Owner / Designer for Easton Place Designs, “fine paper lovelies”
The countryside of New England but just an hour from the big city (NYC)
Yes... and crazy for the guy too!
Yes. Two Boys whom I lovingly refer to as “Thing 1 & Thing 2” (and they love it)
1 Cat (Sam) & 1 Dog (Aggie. Also known as “My assistant”)
Tennis, photography, tennis, blogging, tennis and tennis
English Gardens, Dark Chocolate, the Color Green and Music
Snow (tough time of the year for this one!), Rude People & Noisy Shopping Carts

Now that you know some basics about me, let me show you around my studio!
.  .  .
A Place for everything and everything in it’s place... most of the time.  I keep essentials in my studio. Extra product is stored in my guest room.

My Desk: Printer, MacBook, Intuos4 pen tablet & plenty of light!

Things 1 & 2 have their computers in my studio as well... it’s a mom-thing.
Part of my wrapping station... Ribbon, Twine & Scissors used only for the ribbon & Twine

My inspiration board: It might be about health, design, a color or just a quote that speaks to me.

This table from Ikea is helpful for product assembly, client meetings and projects with the boys.  I use the chairs from the computer stations. This way we don't have too many chairs in the room.

Well, that's a peak at my studio.  Hope you enjoyed it.  Thank you for stopping by today!  And a very special thank you to my dear friend, Jaimee, for allowing me to visit Bushel & Peck Paper.  Have a terrific week everyone!


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Thanks so much for sharing your space with us, Patti! 
Can't wait to hear more about what Easton Place Designs has in store for the upcoming year!
You can find more on Patti here ::