Friday, December 17, 2010

Murray Merriment

Today was a well and good day became a GREAT one!

Amidst the hustle & bustle of everyday life and those parental responsibilities, it's easy to lose sight things even BIG things.  It seems like one day it's January and before you know it, it's December.  Juggling running a business, helping a friend with hers and being a Mom, I am guilty of losing touch with some very wonderful friends.  Thank goodness, we're all in the same boat or the guilt would be overwhelming!

Then, the phone rang (AND I knew where my phone was...never the case these days).  It was Murray!  My college roommate, my best friend, my pull two all nighters to finish that Art Final friend, my walk me home from frat parties when I'm completely unaware of where I am friend, my Bride's maid, and the list goes on.  After thinking about it for a while, we figured we hadn't spoken since about April or May!  Just awful!
(In our dormroom...circa 1990-something)

We caught up for a bit and are, hopefully, going to get together over the Holidays.  I hope our kids still recognize one another!

Well, that wasn't it.  To my surprise, after running errands and walking dogs, I came home to a sweet little package on my door step.  I knew the handwriting immediately and tore into it.  A belated Birthday/Christmas gift from Murray.  Did I forget to mention, Murray is a mastermind a salvaging just about anything and turning it into amazing little treasures?!  Funny thing was, it was inside a Christmas Lights Box and I got excited for those :)...little did I know what was inside.  This is what was tucked in the neatly wrapped (and ever so immensly TAPED) package.

A pesonalized pouch just for me!
(How 'bout the greens too...they're a gift in themselves & they smell so Christmas-y!)
and the cutest little pipecleaner tinsely Christmas tree ever - set atop a vintage spool of thread.  So clever, Murray and... stinking adorable and fits just perfectly on my studio desk :)
I love you, friend!