Saturday, August 15, 2009

10 Years and Counting...

Since our Engagement what better way to celebrate than with an official Date Night?!? Good ol' Aunt Kelly was summoned and arrived without a hitch early enough to ensure I could ready myself for an evening out with the hubby.

Knowing I've been itching to see some "Real Films" (i.e. not cartoons), he suggested dinner and a movie and I was more than happy to oblige. Rather than foregoing the all too familiar movie scene and typical restaurants we opted for a night on the town! Philly you say? Oh No...Ambler...Yes, you heard me correctly Ambler. A small town just Northwest of Philadelphia, where my husband & I {before being married} decided to find a small apartment after college. I figured I'd take my college graduation dough and put a deposit down on a tiny {extremely tiny} apartment in an old mansion in this quaint little town in fear that moving home after graduation would be too "easy". I never like to do things the easy way, the more difficult and confusing the better. It's just more entertaining and makes for a better story later on.
Funny thing is, not too long ago (five or six years ago or so) Kevin's boss gave us some movie tickets for a small movie theatre that was being refurbished in that very town. The were fixing up the entire town in an effort to make it the new "it" place with fancy dining, bars, shops and cafes. Well, now it's done and wouldn't you know it...I JUST found those very tickets in an old wallet in my night stand just in time for our date! Perfect timing!

SO, I got to choose the movie (yippee) but I was torn between the two films playing. There were actually three but I didn't care about the third one. I had to choose between Julia & Julie and 500 Days of Summer - oh, thank you, Honey for being so sweet! After much deliberation, I went with Julia and I'm so glad because it was just WONDERFUL! Really you all must go see it! I'll go again with you if you want. It was really that good. It was just so witty and sweet and full of beautiful color palettes - is that incredibly corny?!? (I like that sort of thing!) And dare I say it was chock full of inspiration not just to cook but just to BE inspired and to accomplish something you set you mind to and not be swayed by what others think or say...and I'm going to stop myself there before I sound like a complete nut! Just go see it!