Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh No

So, THIS is what you get when you attempt to take a five minute shower while your 5 year old watches a "Kid Show". Your son asleep on the floor in the hallway outside your room for the next week.
(Notice the framed photo of Kevin & I he put next to him - HILARIOUS! and sweet)

A few years back we purchased a Weemote for Finn. As the Overprotective Mom I am, I programmed all the educational & kid friendly channels into the remote. Finn felt so grown up when we gave it to him and it was cute to see what his little mind would find interesting as he surfed his 5 channels.

One day last week, I handed the weemote to Finn and told him he could watch a kid show while I took a quick shower. Minutes later, I was puzzled to see Finn sitting on the couch covering his eyes. I turned around to see what he was watching and there it was...apparently, one of HIS channels decided to air E.T. the other day without my knowing. I remember seeing it as a young kid and being petrified. Well, that was it. As soon as the sun set, he would say "I know E.T. is a puppet but is he REAL?" After much explaination, and a week of sleepless nights, things seem to be back to long as no one mentions E.T. ever again!!!