Wednesday, December 12, 2007

TAG, you're it!!!!

THANKS to Studio Domestique, I've been tagged with the "Lucky Seven Meme". For as dull as she claims she is, I'm sure I can top it. Seven oddities about myself...where to begin...some friends and family might say I'm an oddity in itself. So, I shouldn't have a problem I guess. Let's see...

As a child, I was obsessed with children's books that displayed the homes of the characters. I used to find myself going room to room imagining what might be in their closets and under their beds. (Photo Left from A Present From A Bird by Jay Williams/Illust. Jacqueline Chwast...Photo Right from (My childhood favorite) Miss Suzy by Miriam Young/Illust. Arnold Lobel)

Like, Studio Domestique, I too am deathly afraid of the ocean. Sharks and sea creatures are the brunt of the problem but I have a fear of drowning as well. I'm a decent swimmer but had a close call as a kid while vacationing with friends. We were floating aimlessly on a raft (an old school raft with ropes) when a colossal wave came crashing down on us pell-mell (KEVIN). I quickly got tangled in the ropes and was trapped on the underside of the raft as my friends, unknowingly, climbed back on top. After what seemed to be ages, I found myself back on shore with people swarmed around me. I was frightened out of my wits and humiliated all at once.

I LOVED those Sunshine Golden Raisin Biscuits that Keebler used to make. Lately, I've been obsessed with finding a recipe that remotely tastes the same. I just found one yesterday but, unfortunately, don't have self-rising flour in the house.

My college roommate is now related to me in a strange round about way! :)

I'm finding I'm afraid of a lot of things...another being MOTHS! I HATE MOTHS! The way they flutter with no set flight plan leaving you guessing which way you should run! Another childhood story of camping at the Delaware Water Gap before the luxury amenities were added (like indoor plumbing). My mother and I ventured out into the wood to find the closest outhouse before turning in for the night. As we approached an outhouse, it appeared to be darker than usual but at dusk without it being lit, we didn't suspect anything too strange. When we opened the door, to our surprise and theirs, the inside was completely covered with layer upon layer of moths. Unhappy being disturbed, they bombarded us as they tried to flee...flying into our faces and getting stuck in our hair. NOT a happy memory! My skin is crawling just thinking of it!!!!

I took piano lessons for 9 years and still can't play! Sorry Mom & Dad!

Goes along with Six...took tennis lessons too....NOPE, not good at that either!