Friday, March 10, 2017

In Awe :: The Work of Suzanne Sullivan

What can I say?!  Suzanne Sullivan's work leaves me speechless.  Every line, every dot, every perfectly imperfect shape - I LOVE IT!

To be completely honest, I constantly struggle between my feelings toward impeccably perfect straight lines and the magical feel of the misshapen.  More and more I'm leaning toward the latter and I find more freedom in my own designs when I let things go naturally.  I've been moving more and more toward freehand doodling than digital design and I'm excited to bring some of that into my products down the line.  I think I need to "lighten up" in my design life and life in general.  I can get a little too serious but when I become aware and "force" myself to relax, it's amazing how the creative juices flow.

It's artists like Suzanne Sullivan that remind me to just "go with it" and see what happens.

What artists inspire you?