Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How about you?

In a parallel universe, what would you be?

Hands down, I'd be a librarian.  I can't say I'm an avid reader but when I actually find the time and the perfect book, I thoroughly enjoy it.  It's more of the quiet organized atmosphere that I'm drawn to...and the smell of the paper and old glue.  I can honestly say, that I look forward to my Wednesdays when I volunteer at my son's school library.  The feeling of accomplishment when the books are all placed back on the shelves is just so rewarding.  Each book ready to take another kid on a reading adventure.  I know my son is still (and I hope always will be) excited about reading.  The smile on his face when he finds that book he's been patiently waiting for is priceless!

here's a fun little collection of things that make me happy...

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(from top left to right)

1. bumble bee bobby pins -
2. library stamp -  
3. bat glasses -  
4. peter pan print -  
5. table & chairs -  
6. green gable knits -  
7. iphone case -  
8. bandolier -  
9. long sleeved top -  
10. perpetual calendar -  
11. Parisian Photo -  
12. tea time print -  
13. rustic house print -  
14. card catalog -  
15. edison bulb lamp -  
16. grey card catalog -