Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Who's Holiday shopping???

So, after this morning's first snow, I'm in the holiday mood...the holiday shopping mood!!!  I've been a pinning fool and gathering up a bunch of adorable possibilities for all those little cuties out there.  

What's your favorite?

Perfect home for all those Stuffies : FIND HERE 

Sidewalk Designer or 50-Ct. Chalk 
Ginormous Spirograph...FIND HERE

Skateboard Swing...I know someone who's getting this - Shhhh!!!

PlaSmart Perplexus Maze Game - another item on our list this year. HEREDiggin Skootcase #giggle #kid #toy #fun 

Traveling this holiday season?  THIS is a must!  Let them ride their luggage instead of you carrying it!  It's a win win for everyone.  Get your mini luggage Vespa HERE

 What's on your list this year???