Friday, May 3, 2013

Do you Fanchimp?

So do you? I DO!
I stumbled across a tweet by Fanchimp not too long ago and decided I'd check them out.  I've heard of Mailchimp but what the heck was Fanchimp?!

fanchimp logo 

Well, turns out it's the BEST thing ever for thriving entrepreneurs!  My biz & I have a few years under our belt but it doesn't hurt to try something new.  Besides, as my business grows, my free time dwindles.  With nearly ZERO time to keep up with social media, Fanchimp is the way to go.  And SO easy to navigate.  I swear it only took me minutes to sign up for my free trial and I was scheduling posts and tweets left & right.

You simply connect your shop and social media accounts to your Fanchimp account and they basically do the rest.  Enter some key target market tags (of course, top on our list was parties, entertaining, family...).  Then, pick which products you'd like to feature from your shop.  Fanchimp, in turn, supplies related links galore for you to choose from to share with your fans.  Even better, they schedule posts during peak viewing times.  So, no need for you to be a slave to your computer and social networks just to get the word out about your biz.

I suppose it could just be coincidence, but during the month of my free trial, I had the BEST month of sales YET.  And that's based on the past 5 years!  So, I think it's safe to say, I'll be subscribing for sure!

Thanks, Fanchimp!