Saturday, April 6, 2013

Get a little CRAFTY!

A little spray paint & fabric can certainly go a

Now, I hold a dear spot in my shopping-heart for flea markets, estate sales and, oh my, HOMEGOODS, of course, but with a little know-how from these DIY experts, just LOOK what you can do with what you already have.

I just love ALL of these ideas.
Adding them all to my TO DO LIST for Spring!

. . .

Spray paint trash can, flip, and *Voila* instant end table!
Check out more brilliant ideas from Jenna Sue on her gorgeous blog:

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Cover your basic wooden box & top with glass to create your own custom table...found this one on Pinterest...LOVE!

Have some drab tv tables lying around...dress 'em up with a coat of paint!
Home DIY Remodeling has a SLEW of decorating ideas only a click away...CLICK!

Who doesn't have hideous metal folding chairs hiding in their basement.  Well drag those suckers out and give them new life with a little paint & some funky fabric.  You'll want to leave them out year round!

(Another fab idea found over on PIN YOUR HOME)

So, who's motivated to remodel...I know I am!