Sunday, July 29, 2012


Wow! Summer is in full force. One vacation leading to the next. Just thought I'd check in before heading out again. We've got a few weeks in the studio before we pack our bags for yet another trip.

 With all that time spent in the car, plane and on the beach...our family is catching up on their reading. My little guy has got me beat by at least three books. He just can't get enough. We've scoured the library, bookstore, book fairs and even hit up the cousins to keep my little reading machine busy.

Swapping seem to be the best bet out there. What's better than spreading the love of reading by sharing your latest literary adventure with a friend?! Before you lend out that beloved copy of Treasure Island, be sure to put your John Hancock inside or even better slap on a fun custom bookplate.
We're working on some new designs too!  "Cute" isn't cutting it these days with my 8 year old (going on 15). He's thinking robots, skateboards, surfboards &  sharks...I'm on it! (Zombies were on the list too but I just don't think that's quite up my alley!)

So, in an effort to spread the love of reading and the fun of swapping, we've got a sweet little deal going on in the shop. For a limited time, we're offering FREE SHIPPING on all bookplate orders.

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