Friday, March 23, 2012

B+P Down Under

This year has brought a whirlwind of international sales.  Not sure how the word spread about little B+P but we're sure happy it has.  We've been crossing the seas at least twice, often three times a week these days.  I'm speechless!!!  Of course, I'm impartial but, seriously, you AUSSIES are keeping me
B-U-S-Y...I LOVE IT!!!

Here's sweet little Sophie, just one of the little Birthday Gals down under we had the pleasure of creating goodies for.  A big thanks to her Mom, Fiona, for sharing :)

...and a quick shot of the Carnival Water Bottle Labels we made especially for Sophie!

Check out Fiona's new blog...
FULL of great finds and impeccable sense of style!

. . .

If you'd like to share your B+P Party creations, shoot me an email at
We'd love to see!

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