Friday, December 23, 2011


I just love the holidays! Spending time with family & friends just relaxing and catching up. Well, we've got a big family which makes spreading the love even more fun! Going here, there, EVERYWHERE!

Well, why not bring some crafty goodness with you on your travels...that is, if you can spare some room in your suitcase, let alone the car :)  Here are some clever crafts for the kiddos I found on Pinterest...each one cuter than the next and a must-try if not with your little one, than by yourself.

I want one of each!

Just L-O-O-K at these sweet little guys I saw in Parents Magazine and then found again on Pinterest.  All products of, Suzonne Stirling's craftiness.  Suzonne is the mastermind behind Urban Comfort - head on over to her blog for details & directions!

These fun festive button ornaments from Martha Stewart Kids are so simple to make!  With a only a few supplies like pipe cleaners, buttons and your imagination, you can make them too.

And I can't get enough of these fabulous paper trees.  I could make an entire forest!!!  You can find instructions in the BHG's Holiday Workbook or HERE

Snowflakes are a HUGE thing in our house this Christmas!  My little guy & I have been creating our very own Winter Wonderland.  Just wait 'til I string these babies up!  Here are a few downloadable patterns to get you started courtesy of Vintage Junky.  Michelle can sure work some magic with a pair of scissors!  But I must warn you, once you get started, it's hard to stop!

Happy Holidays & Happy Crafting