Thursday, September 15, 2011


Well, if you know me, which some of you do all too THAT'S scary :)  I can NOT for the life of me pull myself away from my work.  Sure, my family comes first.  Being Mommy, Wife, Soccer Mom, School Library Volunteer...etc. that's always on the top of my list!  But any down time, I'm strapped to my laptop honkered down in my Studio designing, proofing, printing, packaging in hopes that I achieve ultimate AWESOMENESS in customer service as well as uber quality control.  Sadly to say, this has taken a toll on my physical well-being and not condusive to a healthy lifestyle.  Go figure, who thought one NEEDED to sleep?!  If I don't want to be a slave to the perpetual headache, some changes have to made!

after repeated requests from a handful of doctors AND the all-knowing Dr. HUBBY, I will be sticking to my posted Studio Hours ONLY.  No more 24/7 schedule allowed for me.  Whereas, the AWESOMENESS will definitely be top priority, lightening-speed email responses may be a thing of the past and have to wait a few more hours 'til morning.  So, thanks for your patience and who knows, this adjustment might actually make things run a lot smoother.  We shalll see!