Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Kristin Kane is our Meet & Greet today and, by now, I'm sure you know I adore my big sister.  She's my best friend in the world (aside from you, hubby!  Don't want to step on any toes here).  We thrive off of each others ideas and have a blast brainstorming.  She's one of the strongest, smartest gals I know and can do ANYTHING!

I obviously know I thing or two about Kristin...why don't you sit back and get to know her too?!
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Tell us a little about Lather Soap Co. and how you got started.

Well, Lather Soap Co. is brandy new and I really feel like we are still getting started!  Shortly after the new year, ideas and opportunity collided.  I am sure that's how it is for many moms starting their own company and I am lucky enough to have a partner in crime, Andi Burkholder.  The last 4 years I spent helping run my kids' PTA and two of those years Andi was right beside me; either supporting or leading, this year we decided to take a break. . . but a busy mom can only sit still for so long.  It was been so exciting to take on this venture but even more fun to take it on with a good friend.

Right now Lather Soap Co. is working on a line of soap products that the consumer can purchase for either gifts or favors. We have been focusing on the children's line first, mainly because it's so fun. :) We are also working on some spa soaps and have been pairing with some individuals to help raise awareness for specific groups that are close to our heart.
What's a typical "Kristin Day" like?

Ok, ok, not sure if there is a day I would call typical, but if you were to join me for a day I would recommend a positive mind set to include patience and flexibility. Oh and a strong cup of coffee wouldn't hurt.

The wee ones that keep Kristin on her toes!

Being a Mom of THREE, how do you balance work and family?

Let me see what the definition of balance would be, everybody fed, clothed, and happy? Yup, I think I can do it. :) Since the business is fairly new and we are trying to get it off the ground, I have been sneaking in as much time as possible into Lather Soap Co. If I am not experimenting with new scents, molds or ideas; I am spending time marketing and researching the business online. I am very lucky to have a supportive hubby who helps with the kids and will drop off local deliveries or head to the post office for me.
What's your main source of inspiration for creating your soap?

Inspiration comes from so many places. One, being a mom, I am always thinking of kids, and kid related things. For example, the schools in our area have banned the kids from bringing in treats to share with their classmates for special occasions, like birthdays. So as a mom, here are the choices, don't send in anything (and that stinks for everyone) or find some trinket in a 25 quantity that is almost as fun as a cupcake in the middle of a school day. Viola! The inspiration for our sweetcakes ducky soap, but why just duckies; how about monsters or sea creatures.

Monster Soaps

Some of the other sources of inspiration come from raising awareness for causes bigger than us. Our breast cancer support ribbon soap will directly impact a registered team walking in the Susan G Koman 3 day walk this fall. And just this week I received our autism puzzle piece mold and we will begin experimenting in the next couple of days to come up with a soap that we will be proud to support Autism Speaks.

What's one thing you couldn't live without?

I would definitely say my books/kindle. This is how I end my day and without them I don't think I would be able to shut my brain off and rest. A little time for myself even if it is a page or two to escape into another world and relax.

You can check out Krisitn's "other" job over at Coastal Conversations...
a Coast to Coast Book Club and discussion between two friends.

 My favorite sister is one of the coolest and most supportive people I know, in both my personal and professional life.  I owe you a big hug and THANK YOU for including our very new company in your established blog.  I am inspired by you everyday, your determination, your artistic ability and successful business. I love you! xoxo
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And I love her too!
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