Monday, March 21, 2011

Back on Schedule

After a major printer melt down last week, I think we're finally back on track!  Well, maybe one day off.  So, here's last week's FRIDAY FRIENDS
(or should I say "FRIDAY FAMILY").

This week's feature is none other than the Best Sister in the World!  MY SISTER!!!  One of the Soap Savy Gals behind Lather Soap Co.  And an Etsy Newbie!  I thought it would be nice to start Kristin & her partner in soap crime, Andi, on their path to success with a little shout out here on the ol' blog.  Not that they need any help from me.  The same day I helped my sis set up shop, they got their very first sale.

Take a peek at the goodies they've got to offer.
What little kid wouldn't love these cuties floating around with them in the tub?!  Too cute!

...or these adorable duckies?
(Wouldn't they make fantastic Baby Shower favors too?)

Personally, these sweet little princess fairies are MY favorite.
Do you think I'm too old to snatch one up for myself?

...or maybe you have a little Sports Star at home.
A great alternative to those birthday goody bags filled with candy - fill 'em with soap!

And just in time for Easter...

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Check back on Wednesday for our MEET & GREET with Kristin and learn a little more about Lather Soap Co.