Monday, February 28, 2011


I'd like to introduce you to another one of my favorite friends I've met in the biz...Bridgett Edwards.  I remember distinctly when we met.  I was on vacation and snuck in a little laptop time in between beach-hopping and to my surprise, Bridgett had posted one of my photos on her blog.  Well, of course, that meant she became an instant friend :)

I later found out just how talented this gal was.  She's one fabulous designer (and a major multi-tasker) you should see what this lady accomplishes in a day ~ When she's not working full-time, caring for her family, designing/selling stationery for Perideau Designs, she's creating custom branding for other companies ~ Frankly, I don't know how she does it all!

So, sit back and get to know a little more about the lovely Mrs. Edwards!
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Tell us a little about Perideau Designs and how you got started.

I started Perideau Designs in 2009 in hopes to bring simple, stylish and timeless designs to the online world. With my love of personalization I fell in love with personalized stationery, invitations and now party gift bags.

What's a typical "Bridgett Day" like?

Wake up at 4:45 (crazy I know!) to work out at home and then drop the little one off to school and I head to my 9-5. After dinner with the family, which I make a point of having every night, I head to my "office" to work. Unless it's Tuesday then I'm glued to Glee. And I work up until 11/12am with finishing up the day by planning for the next one. Rinse and repeat.

The Edwards are one cool family

Being a Mom, working full-time, starting your new Bridgett Edwards venture (I don't know how you do it)  How do you balance work and family?

We're still working this part out but communication is key. I'm naturally organized so I plan my days out down to the outfit, workout clothes and lunch the night before. I plan my weekly dinners using my personalized weekly dinner menus. It's all about planning, communicating and loving what you do. If you found your passion everything else will fall into place...with a lot of hard work.

What do you like more...designing for paper or branding?

Oh gosh I love them both! Can I say that? I love designing paper products because I know I've been a part of so many birthday parties, baby showers and events. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity. And branding is so very rewarding! Getting to the heart and soul of a business and have the ability to bring that to life is beyond amazing. Something I absolutely adore doing.

some of Bridgett's branding handy-work

How do you keep your designs fresh and appealing? What is your main source of inspiration?

My customers, first and foremost. I listen to each and every feedback and suggestion I get and figure out a way to make it happen. I also love looking through children's clothing magazines and home decor to find an element I think would look amazing as a birthday invitation or a notecard. It's all about keeping your eyes open because inspiration can be found anywhere.

Here's a little peek at where Bridgett currently does her magic ~
and the NEW Studio-to-be!

and coming soon ::

~ THANK YOU so much for sharing, Bridgett! ~

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