Friday, February 25, 2011


I'd like to introduce you to another one of my favorite friends I've met in the biz...Bridgett Edwards. I remember distinctly when we met. I was on vacation and snuck in a little laptop time in between beach-hopping and to my surprise, Bridgett had posted one of my photos on her blog. Well, of course, that meant she became an instant friend :)
I later found out just how talented this gal was. She's one fabulous designer (and a major multi-tasker) you should see what this lady accomplishes in a day ~ When she's not working full-time, caring for her family, designing/selling stationery for Perideau Designs, she's creating custom branding for other companies ~ Frankly, I don't know how she does it all!

See for youself how gifted this gal is...

(these are a personal favorite :)

(the cutest model too, if you ask me!)

.   .   .

What did I tell you?!?!?

Stay tuned for more on Bridgett with our Monday Meet & Greet!