Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fun & Easy DIY

Nothing's better than a fun and easy DIY project that helps keep you organized!
I've been looking for a way to corral my mountain of unruly ribbons for some time now.  I've searched through catalogs and shops but couldn't find a rack or holder that I liked that wouldn't break the bank.  Things are always best when they're born out of neccesity.
 After being at my wits end with the spools of ribbon taking over my desk draw like an octopus gone haywire, I decided to make a ribbon holder myself.

I happened to have an empty box from an IKEA trip a few months back.  You know how those trips can be, so many useful things for so little money you just want one of everything and will figure out if you need it later.  Well, here's the perfect situation...I needed it later :)

These boxes are great for just about anything...cds, photos, stationery, RIBBON HOLDING!  There really aren't any directions other than punching staggering holes on either side of the box, inserting your spools of ribbon and putting on the lid.

There you have it!