Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What's New?

I can't seem to catch up lately these days.  No sooner do I ship a batch of orders, another batch is waiting to be printed...or another volunteer opportunity opens up at Finn's school (can't bear to miss any of those :)  I'm not complaining, I LOVE to be busy ~ I just wish there were a few more hours in the day to get it all done without feeling like a frazzled mess.

So, here's a bit of "Catch Up" for you...
New Items Added to the Ol' Shop:
   Victorian Tea Shower Invite Set      Victorian Tea Favor Pouches           Tea Inserts for Pouches         
    Calling Cards & Clip                      Calling Clip Refills                           Custom Pennants
Ladybug Invites                            Ladybug Thank Yous                         Whale Invites   
Little Nest Baby Shower Set                 Dino Party Pennants                   Camp Out Invites    
        Checkered Flag Invites               Checkered Flag Thank Yous              A Little Birdie Told Me...

And Remember THIS...
Well, now you can get your own HERE...
       Custom Photo Silhouette Print                                 Custom Photo Silhouette Stationery

And my other DAY JOB :) here...

Field Trip to one of the "Phunnest Places in Philly",
  Getting the Rules                                    A Trip into Alice's Wonderland
Punching their Time                                       Being Cameramen
Making Mommy Lunch at McD's :)
Waiting for the Light                             Fixing a Manhole
Taking a jog in the Giant Hamster Wheel              Testing the Backhoe                
Making music on Musical Clouds
Playing the the Water World
Playing in the Giant Tree House
Torch made from tons of recycled toys                    "Statue of Finn"
THEN, my camera's batteries died...there was sooo much more.
You should go see for yourself ~ You'll LOVE it!