Sunday, April 25, 2010

OH NOhawk

So, I've been on hiatus ~ or so it seems...not really. I've just been incredibly busy the past few weeks with job #1, job #2, filling orders and that whole "mommy" thing I do too. Sometimes, it can seem a tad overwhelming until you get a day like this when you realize all you needed was a good laugh!

Let me set things up for you first. My 6 year old & husband (who sometimes ~or most times :) ~ acts like a 6 year old) have been harping on "MEAN OL' MOMMY" to let the wee one have a mohawk but I just couldn't part with my little boy turning into a KID!

But I could handle the "Mean Mom" label no more and decided it was time for me move on and let the little guy grow up a bit. It's only hair after all and it will grow back. So, it was time for a haircut this week and before he could ask (yet again), I said, "Hey buddy, how 'bout a mohawk?" You shouldn't seen the size of his eyes as he said "YES!" in an all too grown up "cool" voice. I grabbed the clippers (now I've been cutting hair for a while, it's not like I went at it blindly) and got to work. The first go around he looked in the mirror and said "NOT SHORT ENOUGH doesn't look like a real mohawk!" So, I gave it another go, making the sides a little shorter and a little shorter until it looked perfect. The whole time, he could hardly contain himself just dying to look in the mirror again. This time though, there was a completely different reaction...and I sooo wish I had the video camera rolling. He ran to the mirror and burst into tears begging for his hair back.

I just couldn't help but burst out laughing...who's cool now?!

He's since decided he likes it especially since you can see his awesome scar from stitches he had a few years back. Apparently old war wounds are still cool.

Check 'em out:

oh, and here are some shots of his awesome Earth Day Hat he made for school: