Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A SITE to see at the Philly Zoo

Many thanks to a dear friend for sharing the wealth...the wealth being her Philly Zoo membership passes. My little guy and I were more than happy to tag along when we got the offer. We had the most beautiful day for it too. That teacher conferencing couldn't have fallen on a better week. The kids had half days and plenty of time to play in the sun at the Zoo!

We only had a few hours to take it all in but it was more than enough to see with our impeccable timing. Seems as though, 1:00pm is "GO-ing" time, if you catch my drift. As the little girls groaned with disgust, all our little boys were laughing and "AWESOME-ing" as we watched the tortoises, gorillas & tigers ~ OH MY!  I'll spare you the details but I'll will tell was a SITE to see!

Here are some of the more pleasant photos

Oh!!! And HOW could I forget the hilarious with a blanket on his head and the other a cardboard box!
Too funny!!!