Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Picasso Kisses

Ever since F was little we've shared Eskimo Kisses (you know rubbing noses together).  One day, while receiving a kiss with our noses planted on one another, he piveted his head back and forth and said "Wow Mommy, when I move my head THIS way, you have one eye up here and the other one is over here!"  I told him that I looked like a Picasso Painting which I then showed him.  He was amazed!  "You DO look like a Picasso!"  So, now when he gives me an eskimo kiss, he says "PICASSO, PICASSO, PICASSO"

I can still remember my First Grade Art Class with Mrs. Stauback when she introduced us to Picasso's Three Musicians. I'm not sure that was the sole reason for my interest in art but it sure made an impression.
So, how thrilled was I to hear that the Philadelphia Museum of Art is opening a Picasso exhibit next week.  When I mentioned it to F, he asked if we could go...a son after his mama's heart!!!

It's been almost a year since our last visit , I can't wait!