Monday, February 1, 2010

A Lego Success

I'm still dumbfounded over the fact the my little guy is now
You never really know how quickly time flies until you've got a little one of your own.  Sure, you here people say it over and over but it took having my son to actually realized how true it was.  It seems like just yesterday I was bringing him home from the hospital, then his 1st birthday, then Pre-School, Kindergarten and now he's SIX!!! 

Well, being the big boy that he is, he requested a LEGO party.
I LOVE legos, although my vacuum does NOT!
From the invites (which are now available here), to the Lego Table we created out of his old Thomas the Train Table, to the was ALL LEGO!!!!
Thank goodness for my Father-In-Law and Hubby for refinishing our basement a few years back and turning it into a playroom.  Or else it would've been pure chaos with the house full we had this weekend.  It was a blast!!!
The day began with presents in bed
Hockey gloves & skates...Mama is VERY worried now!!!
Lots of Family & Friends
The Hat Mommy made him & the Pinata Hat he made himself!
and a bright GREEN Lego cake tongue
one Happy Birthday!