Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Before & After

So, THIS is what my Studio used to look like...

And THIS is what it looks like now!


We've been going through some sleepless nights or more like A LOT of sleepless nights lately. (Remember THIS)  After a talk with the pediatrician, it seems as though this is normal for an intelligent 5 year old.  Of course, as parents, we all KNOW that our child is smart, right, like my genius?! :)  So, apparently bright children around this age have extremely vivid imaginations (which is great) however, they still lack in the "rationalization department".  For instance, we took our little guy to see The Princess & the Frog which was fine and dandy until the Voodoo man & his shadow monsters appeared.   Finn was clearly a bit disturbed but said "MOM, it's only a cartoon!"  So, I assumed he was okay with it all...UNTIL bedtime came around!  Then the questions started. 
F: "Cartoons aren't real, right? 
Me:  "No, they're just drawings like the ones that we drew on the notepad and flipped to make move." 
F:  "But shadows ARE real!" 
Me:  "Yes, shadows are real." 
F: "Shadow Monsters aren't real ARE they?"...etc. 

Long story short, the little man claims that his room was just WAAAAAY TOO far away at the end of the hall.  Hence, the studio swap!  He's adjusted quite well and sleeping a whole lot better.  I, of course, did a little shopping a la Target & IKEA and think I did a smashing job on his new room.  Now, it's time to fix up the studio.  It's coming along just not as quickly as I had hoped.  You can see the remnants still lurking...the Cars TV, the Vintage Rocket hanging from the ceiling above the chalkboard (which I might actually get some use out of) It'll get there soon enough I'm sure!

Here's a peek at his new pad:

And I decided to frame Our Family Portraits Finn drew when he was 3:
1. Maisy (Dog)  2. Daddy  3.  Finn (spittin' image of Daddy) 4. ME complete with pigtails and a stylin' dress :)