Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kickin' Butt

That's what this flu is doing to me! As I lay here for the fourth day on the couch, I watched the neighbors put up their Christmas lights while my Halloween decorations are still lingering. I'm actually sick of tea and television...I never thought that could be possible. Then, as a mid-sickness bonus, Finn managed to come down with the stomach flu which is oh so nice to clean up after when you're sick yourself. And I must admit after about the 5th time, I was a tad annoyed with the child thinking how much more could possibly be in there...what a terrible un-motherly moment. He's all well and fine now, even went back to school today so I was able to have a full day to recover on my own. Hence, the energy to actually write a post! Thank goodness for my wonderful hubby, too, who's been taking care of all the household duties ~ he knows how overwhelmed I feel when the laundry & dishes pile up. SO, thanks, babes! He even washed the dog after one of her routine roll-abouts in muck in the yard. Why do dogs do this, someone please tell me? She's such a good pup but I could go without the mucking...she seriously must be the cleanest dog on this planet with all the bathes she gets.

So, in an effort to get organized I feel I should post the pictures that have been piling up for posts never written....
Rockin' Dracula & Piggy Dracula: Papa gave him that idea
THIS needs an explaination...we bought this costume for Finn when he was 2 but he wouldn't have anything to do with it. Funny thing is, it still fits and he decided to wear it to the Flyers Game on Halloween because it was orange & black. He "thought" he was cool but after all the Ooo's & Awe's and "How cute!" He changed his mind and never wants to wear it again. At least we got one day of use out of it. :)
A Happy Mom is a Mom w/Funnel Cake!
Fun at Linvilla with Daddy & Grandma Ninnie

Oh, and one more thing...