Saturday, October 3, 2009

Opening Day!

So, it's officially Soccer season! Time for chilly games & orange slices. My hub's the coach again, he's just an All-Star of sorts...thank goodness someone in this family is athletically inclined for our little guy's sake. I'm for certain NOT! I ran track when I was little and tried again in High School but wound up barfing before every meet. The whole competition/nerves thing was the part I couldn't handle...the running was a breeze. So, I retired the sneakers and ventured off into the artsy creative world and never looked back! Finn seems to have inherited from both sides ~ he can pretty much play any sport and be one of the best on his team, while he can also sit for hours creating master pieces that are sure to make his Momma proud. Having just started Kindergarten, he's still getting used to what it all entails but I asked him yesterday what his favorite class was and his response was, "Gym! No, wait, ART! No, GYM! Uh, maybe Recess!" So, there you have it, a bit of ol' Mom & Dad in him with a bit of Finn too! :)