Friday, May 29, 2009

Three's a Charm

So, I'm on a Giveaway Roll!
They say "three's a charm" so I thought I had better do, at least, one more Giveaway this month. The first two proved to be a big better way to introduce my goods than to offer a tid bit for free.
Giveaway #3 is now up and running over at
monkeys on the bed!
Details are over at Allie's Blog!
Now this savvy lady knows how to throw a Contest.
No boring "click here, enter here, good luck"...No, she's got pizazz!
So, test your luck and leave a'd actually be helping me out. Each entry enlightens me as to just what appeals to the masses. I wish I could give a little something to everyone who enters to show just how much all the feedback and kind words help me out. So, I know it's not much, but as a special Thank You to all you readers and Giveaway participants, I'd like to offer 10% off your next purchase at Modern Classics: Kids with coupon code: SUMMER09
Oh, and if you're in the mood to learn, yet, a tad bit more about "moi", check out my interview over at: