Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just a WEE bit late

Just had to Little Leprechan and our St. Patty's Day Green Eggs & Ham
(& Green Shamrock Pancakes too)
Funny thing was I ran out of green dye on the pancakes and was bummed that I didn't have enough left for the eggs UNTIL my five year old reminded me,
"MOOOOOOM, the eggs are yellow!!! If you add BLUE they'll turn green!"
Uhhhh, dur, I knew that!!!!

I know, doesn't that just look sooo appetizing?

Oh, and a thank you to the lovely and multi-talented Vanessa of Paper Chick & Blue Sugar Press (oh, and for you naughty chickies Nastee Notes) for the FAB Blog Award...back at 'cha, girlie!
And I'd like to forward it on to:

Stephanie @Cabbages & Kings
You, Gals, are FAB in my book!