Thursday, March 5, 2009

Illustrating Inspiration II

So, here's my second Illustrator, Matthew Scott. I came across his work during one of my routine perusings of new Etsy shops. It amazes me that such talent hasn't already had an array of sales. I've scoped out my favorites and just bought my first "Violet & Daisy (twins)".I can't wait for it to arrive! I contacted Matthew a week or so ago to ask if he'd mind being featured and he kindly accepted so here we go...

Matthew Scott is a recent graduate from Kingston University majoring in Illustration. He's currently a freelance illustrator based out of London and the proud winner of the "Best New Blood" award at the 2008 D&AD Awards. His short book entitled "The Diver" also won an award at the 2008 Cheltenham Illustration Awards. He's currently working on his first full childrens book and just finished a cover for Nickelodeon Magazine.
Now that's one busy guy!
Take a look for yourself...his work is amazing! These are just a few of my favorites...

Violet & Daisy, Birdhouse, The Diver all available at Matthew's Etsy Shop:

Nickelodeon Cover

And here's my little lovely on it's way :)