Friday, February 13, 2009

ALL SMILES :) just a matter of days, I've managed to make a new business contact & friend! After only exchanging a handful of emails, Jennifer was more than welcoming when I inquired her about her online shop The Stationery Boutique. It's a fantastic shop full of fabulous finds from classic Wedding Invitations to whimsical Mommy Calling Cards. And tonight, it's official... Modern Classics: Kids has been lucky enough to be included amongst all her goodies. I'm more than thrilled, I've got a smile from ear to ear! Not only has Jen been sweet enough to showcase my work but she's also lent a mentoring hand in helping me setting up my own website. I've been procrastinating long enough and decided with some friendly advising and a few Q&A emails -

I'll let you all know when it's finally up & running...wish me luck!
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