Sunday, January 4, 2009

A New Year & Some New Posts

...are on their way! I've decided to start the New Year with some inspiration.
I'm a gal in love with Children's Books! I still have my favorites from when I was a kid and find myself buying more and more (for my son, of course, not for MEEEE :) The story is important but if the illustrator can sweep me off my feet, I'm sold! Aesthetics is everything to me...I just love intricate, ornate details...the nooks and crannies of the book. Where your eye travels as the book is narrated. Not necessarily the obvious but what's hiding in the shadows or lurking behind a tree or peeking from a window. I was enthralled as a little girl just imagining what was around the next corner and anxious to turn the page. SOOO, my next posts are going to be artists/illustrators I've come across over the past year that have pushed me and inspired me. Hope they do the same for you. COMING SOON!