Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Inspiration: Gabrielle Vincent

I've always been in awe of those who can effortlessly sketch life to a piece of paper. Vincent does just this. With a few swipes of graphite and some soft watercolors, she brings us Ernest & Celestine. Originally written in French (hence the wine & baguettes strewn about their home), the simply peaceful stories and delicate illustrations of Gabrielle Vincent's books have become the objects of my affection lately.

We're lucky to live in a county FULL of libraries. There seems to be one around every corner and although the one we frequent may be the smallest of them all, it's the BEST in our book! Finn & I have been attending Story Time there since he was an infant and its cosy atmospere and extremely warm staff is what keeps us coming back all these years. Better yet, since the library is so small, they're constantly rotating their books and getting rid of old copies to make room for the new. For just $1 you can purchase SIX, yes SIX, used children's books. They're not shabby books either. We've already scooped up two of Vincent's books, a few Lyle books and tons more. So many that we're now in need of some new shelving in the play room!
If you get the chance, you must introduce yourself to Ernest & Celestine.