Monday, December 22, 2008

Keeping Busy

From Shop Updates & Custom Orders to Decorating Gingerbread Houses & Wrapping Parties...we've been keeping busy around here. Lots of things still need to get done in the next TWO days but I find myself just wanting to lay low and stay cosy indoors with my buddy. I've been working hard to hopefully create those same loving Christmas memories for Finn that I still have from my childhood. I've added a few new ones (making pseudo Gingerbread houses - graham cracker is much easier and for a mom & son, both, allergic to Ginger...much safer!) We, of course, kept the wonderful old traditions like baking tons of cookies and stringing Cranberries & Cheerios (we used to make popcorn chains when I was little but my husband insists it makes our house smell like a movie theatre...hence, the cheerio swap!) and then hanging colored lights all around our little guy's room and reading Christmas books in the twinkly glow.
Here's a glimpse...
Stringing Cranberries & Cheerios...Some Christmas Tub Fun Oh, and a Birthday thrown in there too...(sans make-up, ugh! Unfortunately,this is the best photo I have)

Graham Cracker Houses
Maisy's in the Spirit too!
Grandma's Birthday too

My little Angel...struggling to hit those high notes.

A few updates for MC: Paper

And a few at MC: Kids

Now off to tackle those last minute chores so we can snuggle in for the evening!