Monday, December 8, 2008

Ho Ho Ho

I'm sure I've mentioned Howell Living Farm before but it truly is a magical place come the Holidays! It's a new family tradition to celebrate my birthday, first, with lunch at Washington's Crossing Inn and then head over to the farm to see Santa. We've even bee lucky enough to run into Santa during his "Off Season" at the local Pub & Grill. To our surprise (especially my son's) we spied Santa having a Cold One out on the deck at Faherty's. When he was leaving, he made sure to stop by our table (where our little guy had hid under the table) to let us know that it was "Finn's Day" for being checked up on. Santa said he was pleased to share that, according to his list, Finn was on the Nice List!
(I wish you all could've seen his little face...he was excited, surprised and scared at the same time)
Here are a few photos from this weekend...