Friday, October 17, 2008


Running late this morning and coming across a traffic jam, I was not a happy camper! Until I realized what all the commotion was. Flashes of Pink peeked through the line of cars in front of me and then it clicked...This must be the Walk for the Cure for Breast Cancer. My cousin is participating in the walk down in Texas but I wasn't aware there was going to be one right in my backyard. It's hard not to be Aware of Breast Cancer with all the Pink Logos and donations at the Super Market but when I saw just how many people were walking, it brought a tear to my eye. Seeing this ocean of pink hats, t-shirts, streamers, you name it...each one of these people has been touched and affected by this disease. The numbers are frightening. Having lost my Great-Grandmother to breast cancer, the thought and scare of it looms over our family but sometimes it takes something like this to truly give you the visual!
Way to go Abington, PA keep on truckin'!

You can go HERE to make a donation: