Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thanks POE!

I've finally broke down and decided to join an Etsy Team. I had bypassed all the Teams in the past because so many of them had far too many rules and guidelines. POE is just up my alley! It's simply a group of friendly Photographers promoting their strings attached. I've met so many wonderful artists through POE and just have to say Thank You for all their support.

Here's my most recent Treasury I've been included in:

Please take a moment to check out POE's new Blog too!
It's full of eye candy...

Oh, and here's my Ning Link (which needs a LOT of attention, I'll get there though...when a mom can find time to spare :)
AND I was just informed by the lovely Husband & Wife Team over at PastPerfect and QBranchLtd that I will be the first "POE" featured on their blog . It's a brief interview that should be up for the masses on Sunday, Aug. 31st (precisely 6pm). So come, sit, have a cup of tea or jo and enjoy a quick read!
click here for INTERVIEW