Monday, March 31, 2008

New Header - Old Memories

Left to Right:
Grandpa Thomann, Dad (Hoarder), Mama (Anti-Hoarder),
Grandma Thomann, Great-Grandma Thomann & Aunt Cathy - in front

My new header is part of a series of photos I've taken since I've acquired this old tin. The tin was buried amongst tons of antiques in my parents basement. My father saves ABSOLUTELY everything - we joke and say he's a "borderline hoarder"! There are so many treasures down there all waiting to be revealed. Unfortunately, my father, being one of four brothers also has the "MINE" syndrome :) We rarely get to partake in any of the goods. So, when he offered me this tin last month, I snatched it up and wasn't giving it back. It actually belonged to my mother (The Anti-Hoarder) and she was more than happy to let me have it. It was given to her by my Great -Grandmother who owned a Candy Shop in NYC back in the 1930's. I love hearing old family stories about how things "used to be" in the olden days...walking to the shops, the butchers, the bakeries on Steinway in Astoria. Things certainly have changed but it's nice to have the memories!