Friday, February 22, 2008


Finn was never so happy to get a call from his teacher, Mrs. Finney (an EASY name for him to remember!) this morning. "Have fun playing in the snow" she said - and the smiles began!!!
Before he could finish his pancakes, he was pushing me out the front door. So, we put a second layer of clothes over our PJ's, pulled on the snowpants, coat & boots and we were off! Trekking through every bit of untouched snow...
something my father would've had a fit over :)...
"You're messing up our nice snow!"
Snow Angels, forts, snowball fights, an adventure walk to the local park with Maisy and we're finally back home enjoying a well-deserved cup of hot cocoa!
Now if only Daddy can come home early so we can go sledding.