Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Aunt Murray!

Finn suggested we make "that cake with the yucky brown bananas" since we, in fact,
we had quite a few "yucky brown bananas". Great Idea while we're trapped at home with the Furnace Repairman. The best Banana Cake recipe is from my ol' pal, Murray. I think she gave me this recipe at my bridal shower years ago. I still have it and use it all the time - yeilding great reviews from friends and neighbors every time! Baking this cake seemed quite fitting, especially today, since it just so happens to be Murray's birthday! Happy Birthday!

Birthday cakes used to be my thing. I had a small home business but found the pressure to be overwhelming. Here are a few of my creations!

This one was for my neice's 1st birthday...she was obsessed with THIS page from one of her favorite books. It was so great to see her face when she saw the cake!

They were all so much fun to make but the STRESS...I'm NOT good with stress!
And I have two cakes to do this month! Argh - at least they're for family parties.
Family is more forgiving should something go wrong...
OOPS, my parent's 40th Anniversary Cake...uh, it slipped right out of my hands!