Monday, December 3, 2007

Marsh-Malo World

Friday, November 30th was one of our rare "Date Nights" to the Keswick Village. With some hesitation and a slight bending of his arm, I convinced my husband to take me to see Raul Malo. After 5 minutes, everyone was dancing!

From the minute he stepped on the stage, Raul wooed absolutely all the woman in the theater, including myself. His intoxicating voice and twanging guitar swept over the crowd leaving hypnotic smiles on faces and an uncontrollable tapping of your toe...others were completely overwhelmed finding it hard not to dance in the isles. All of which, left Malo humbled and sincerely grateful as he kept thanking the crowd. At one point, stating how amazed he was that there was an audience at all.

After three encores and gracious bows, Raul pleased the crowd by signing autographs...which I was thrilled to get, along with a photo. It was truly one of the best shows ever!